Olo Pottery began in 2017 and is run by me, Veronika, with the occasional assistance of my cat Frida. Our studio is located in Canterbury, UK.

My aim is to make pottery that is a delight to use and that brings joy to everyday life. I make every piece with love and care, and my highest aspiration is that my customers will love using the pieces as much as I loved making them.

I am an archaeologist by training, and have worked in the field before starting Olo Pottery. Throughout my studies at University of Glasgow and work in Siberia, Nicaragua, and UK I have had the chance to excavate some amazing pottery, some of it over 2000 years old. What really fascinates me about pottery is the magic that happens when exposed to high heat. Malleable clay is forever changed into ceramics, into a material that does not decay. The pottery I make is very likely to be around in thousands of years, not unchanged, probably fragmented, but still around.